Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Musing {timely edition}: Lessons From a Feathered Visitor

Photos by Ken Thomas

Yesterday I had a Cedar Waxwing on my balcony railing, which is pretty odd, as I have never seen one there before, and they are not exactly plentiful like the crows and gulls.

Whenever I have a critter come into my life, I am keen to find out what lesson they might have for me. I believe that these animals are messengers and teachers, and there is plenty to learn from their lore and what they symbolize. Often people call these critters Animal Guides or Totems.

I scoured the web trying to find some lore about the Cedar Waxwing, and pretty much came up empty. So, turning to my trusty copy of Animal- Speak by Ted Andrews I found a small section of Waxwings.

According to Ted Andrews, Waxwings symbolize gentleness and courtesy, transformation and new consciousness, as well as mask-making and ceremonial wear.

He also calls Waxwings 'polite', and says that they are often sighted passing food to each other (learning how to share is a lesson I think that just about all of Humanity needs!).

Then he says that these are questions brought by Waxwings:

Are others extending the courtesy you deserve? Are you extending them the courtesy that they deserve? Do you need to start seeing yourself and others from a new perspective? Are you possibly not being gentle with yourself?

Well, definitely something to think about.



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