Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guilty Pleasures {Musical Edition}

Minerva and the Muses by Hans Rottenhammer

I am certain that we all have at least one song that we will listen to at least twice in a row (or at least I will continue to tell myself that so I don't feel so abnormal).

The following is a list (!!!) of songs that I will have no qualms listening to two times back to back.

Ellas Mari by Navan

Creepy Green Light by Type O Negative

Nightshade by Rhea's Obsession

The Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Gypsy Woman by Muddy Waters

Appalacian Waltz by Yo-Yo Ma

Magdalena by A Perfect Circle

Caligula by Macy Gray

The Grace by Neverending White Lights (with Dallas Green)

Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

Root Down by The Beastie Boys

Reflection by Tool (well really anything by Tool, but I will just pick one)

Possession by Sarah McLaughlin

So, what is yours??




Heather said...

Well, here goes:

3s and 7s - Queens of the Stone Age

It's Great to Be a Nerd - The Arrogant Worms

William Shakespeare's in My Cat - The Arrogant Worms

Hap'n Frog - Heather Alexander

Blood and Passion - Heather Alexander

Hotel - Tori Amos

Sour Girl - Stone Temple Pilots

Teardrop - Massive Attack

I'm in Here - Sia

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding

Delirium Trigger - Coheed and Cambria.

I know there are plenty more, but I figured that was enough :)

nefaeria said...

You have excellent taste in music! Thanks for sharing your list! :)