Monday, August 11, 2008

So Sick

Caution: This is a rant.

I really think I have just about had it. I am so sick of seeing Humanity skipping down the path of destruction. I am so sick of the acquiescence of others for us to go down this path.

It seems that either most people are not paying attention, or if they are, they are elated by the thought of the ‘other’ being slaughtered in honour of [insert name], their god. For those of us who are paying attention, and see this shit for what it truly is, how do we stay sane?

It would be so nice to be able to turn it off, but for the aware ones, that is impossible, save for perhaps a lobotomy. When we speak out for peace, we are ‘traitors’, ‘terrorist sympathizers’, 'infidels', or ‘delusional peaceniks’.

Well fuck. Maybe we should all just join in the party, eh? Hold hands with everyone else, while we skip down the path. Goddess knows it would probably be easier.

Ranting peacenik,


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