Monday, August 18, 2008

Screw a Mansion....I Want a Home!

I have got a yearning that is something awful to live in the middle of the woods in a home that I have built myself. Take a look at these BEAUTIFUL homes. Besides living in a cave, these homes are probably as close to an 'eco home' one could get!

From A Low Impact Woodland Home

From Earthship Biotechture

From Cae Mabon

From Tinker's Bubble

From That Roundhouse

From I Love Cob!

From Mud Girls




davka said...

holy shit! what a dream! i would love to live in these homes, especially the first one. is this possible for non-rich folks? tell me it is.


one day!

nefaeria said...

All of them are awesome, but like you I love the first one especially, as well as the last one.

Cobs are perfect for those of us on a limited budget, but purchasing the land might be an issue.

I suppose one could always squat *winks*

Hocking Gardener said...

These homes are simply amazing. It never ceases to amaze me of the ingenuity of people. Great post, thanks for sharing them.

nefaeria said...

Glad you liked them! :)

Rose said...

Absolutely delightful handmade homes, remind me of a book I pored over in the 70's... discovered your blog via a *tweet* on Twitter, and am totally entranced!

Rose - living on the land since 1970

nefaeria said...

Glad you liked them Rose, and thanks for the compliments and for stopping on by :)

Anonymous said...

Love them all! So beautiful and inspiring.

Jonathan said...

These are the kind of places that everyone could live if we can shed the old greedy demons and embrace co-operation fully.

Check out the documentary "Garbage Warrior" about biotecture designer Michael Reynolds of Toas, NM. There is our sustainable future (if green house gases from industrial animal agriculture, autos, power, privilege consumers & warfare haven't already sealed humanity's destiny.

bek said...

This was the post that first drew me to your always beautiful and interesting site. I have many of these low impact home pics, along with the amazing barn photos you posted, enlarged as desktops as they are exactly what I am aiming for in a few years...hopefully! I love this blog :)

nefaeria said...

Jonathan: Agreed. I think many folks are already on track, so if mud hits the fan, you will have some who already know what they are doing.

Thanks for the doc suggestion, I will check it out!

bek: Thanks for the lovely comment and I do hope that you get to fulfill that dream sooner rather than later (I am working on that one too!). :)

I have just checked out your blog and it is fantastic! Thanks for coming by so we could discover yours as well!

Bek said...

Haha that's great that you're also working on the same plans! Hopefully we'll be able to share ideas and developments :D

Aw thanks for the comments about our wee blog too. I'm sure you can see that much of it has been helped along by yours/links from yours!

Anonymous said...

All the picture are my inspiration.
Now i make clay brick myself for build my home!!!