Monday, October 20, 2008

A Powerful Message to Sarah Palin

I saw this over at Feministing, and even though I am not in the States, Sarah Palin still boils my blood. Have a look-see.




Rose said...

This is an incredibly powerful and moving video.. thanks for sharing, I'll pass it on !!

themanicgardener said...

Wow. Thanks--I hadn't seen that. It appears that Palin is hurting the McCain campaign, despite the popularity of her SNL appearance. So maybe, despite all evidence to the contrary, American voters (I'm American) have some sense after all. Let's hope so.

nefaeria said...

Hello ladies:

You are both most welcome! I believe that this is something that every American woman voter should see before they cast their ballot.

I hope they remember where women in America were not too long ago; I also hope they see where this current administration has put them, and where the Palin/McCain one will put them.

Rose: Please do pass it along :)

Kate: I hope Americans have more sense this time around than the Canadians did!