Saturday, October 18, 2008

POEST Halloween Sale Round Up

Below is just a taste of the goodies available, so make sure to check out the blog for more details and the POEST Etsy site to see more of the listings.

Tunrida Oracle Runes are on sale (for $20.00 and are usually $24.45)

NascarWitch31 has 15% off of everything in the shop

StarryDance has 10% off everything in the shop

SusanSee has 20% off of everything in the shop

FollowTheRedBrickRd 10% off of everything in the shop, and 15% off when you purchase more than 3 items.




Work'nPlay said...

Thanks for posting a link to my Vintage Holiday Crafts blog!

I love the products you featured in this post. Everything is first class. :-)


nefaeria said...

Hi Carla,

Not a problem! Thank you for providing such nifty vintage cards and clipart :)