Monday, December 29, 2008

from the vault

i thought would share a few of my poems this evening.
i've been writing since i first discovered all that was hidden in my mind & within the various realities that surround us.
my writing incompases a wide variety of poetry styles such as:

avant-garde, surrealism, spoken word, free verse, concrete & visual.
feel free to click on the above styles, if you wish to learn more.

i've been thinking about creating a few zines of my work; which may be available for sale on our etsy site sometime in the new year. For those who are interested, i'll post a notice on this blog, when they are ready.
Until then...please enjoy a few poems from my vault:


~ ~ ~

blue color boys
in the peep-show
love the ride.
bucket seats
& reptiles...
line me up,
for my cut
~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~
Untitled four

You see your flesh -
as a base to the unforgiving.
You whisper the heard words -
as scar tissue.

While roping drugged elite dragons...
we shield impressions -
- strictly for business.
~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

The thing about men is...
their skin rhymes with
delicate wondering of doilies / dreamy gazes...
uncontrollable urge.
The thing about men is...
their sick smelling silk - dripping drops of turpentine
to clean up our mess -
- with my mind...
their careful conscience
~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Drag deeply your scented skin
{lonely & withering}
See easily you do
through my awareness
{twisted & diluted}
is my anger for longing.
~ ~ ~

{all above 'poems' are from the mind of aymi, who retains all rights blahblah etc}

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