Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Luverly of the Week: Beautiful Crone

Photo by Detroit Publishing Company

This luverly Irish lass was photographed with her spinning wheel sometime between 1890 and 1900. The picture-perfect Granny :)

For some interesting tidbits of lore on spinning, check this out.




Diana Boston said...

I love the tinting of this photo. Probably done with Photoshop. I love crones. Every time I'm around a crone I get this beautiful sacred feeling in my soul. I'd rather hang with a crone than a 20-something woman who identifies herself as 'Not a Feminist.' Ugh. Oh, and I love the new blog banner. Perfect for YULE!

Blessed Yule everyone!

nefaeria said...

Thank you for the compliment and I understand your reverence for crones, as I share that as well.

As far as the 'I'd rather hang with a crone than a 20-something woman who identifies herself as 'Not a Feminist.' Ugh.' comment goes, I take issue with this. Well, not because of whose company you prefer, but specifically you targeting those who are in their 20's and don't identify as Feminists.

It is no secret that I do call myself a Feminist (3rd Wave/Sex Positive variety), and I have just squeaked out of my 20's. With that said, it is probably not appropriate for me to speak on behalf of them, but I will say this:

I know many women (some of whom are in their 20's) who hold many of the ideals of Feminism, but chose not to call themselves 'Feminists'. For some I think it is because they choose not to take on labels; others perhaps they feel that the word does not fully describe their values, and most certainly for some because they feel alienated by Feminists.

You and I both know that many Feminists can't see eye-to-eye on many issues (which in theory should be fine) and because of this a volatile environment is created.

I have personally witnessed/felt the paternalism and oppression come from some other Feminists, and this kind of behavior is something that I feel Feminism is fundamentally against.

So, when various camps of Feminists cannot get along and they mimic the same oppressive actions that we are supposedly up against, is it really fair to expect other women to be giddy to associate with that? Especially women who are from other marginalized 'classes', who don't feel that their voices are heard within the context of Feminism.

Just had to say that.