Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Early Yuletide Miracle

A few weeks ago I wrote a couple posts (here and here) about a hydro substation proposed to be built by Sweetman's Garden. It turns out that another property has become available for the North Bay Hydro substation, so Sweetman's Garden has been saved!

An article from today's North Bay Nugget says:

"Previously, Hydro had selected a piece of City-owned property in the Cormack Street area, and the sale was supported by every single City Councillor. While the decision was difficult, Council had to put the larger public good of supplying uninterrupted power to a large portion of the city, over the desire of a group of residents in the immediate neighbourhood.

Since then, the Dashney Street property surfaced as a more technically-suited location. While the upfront purchase price is modestly more expensive, the ability to accommodate grounding grids, reduced site preparation costs, ready access, and compatibility of abutting land uses make it the preferred site."

Read the rest of the article here.

Thanks Santa! ;)




Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Way to go, Santa!!!

Craigjc said...

Love the blog.
Check me out sometime.

nefaeria said...

Thanks folks :)