Monday, December 1, 2008

Something Nice Under the Tree for Progressive Canadians?

Photo from A. Christensen

We all know that Santa is a social and fiscal liberal (if you are going to debate me on his existence, just go and see what the good folks at Poor Richard's Almanac have to say!), so no doubt the thought of the Harper Conservative being taken down would put a twinkle in his eye.

After Harper tried to roll out an outrageous budget last week that would cut funding to political parties, ban public workers from striking, and cut equalization payments, the opposition parties are forming a coalition government. You know who's on Santa's naughty (and stupid!!) list.

This coaltion government would include the Liberal Party, New Democratic Party, and would have an alliance with the Bloc Quebecois. Perhaps odd bedfellows, but sometimes one must play nice with one's opponents to take on mutual enemies.

Of course, this could all backfire, but hopefully Santa does Canada a favour this year.

So, please Santa, if you are reading this, all I want this year is for you to take this arrogant wanker and his cronies out of power.

I'll leave cookies,



Anonymous said...

Ha!!! I hope Santa heeds your advice and spends a moment or two dumping coal in the Canadian conservatives' stockings!

nefaeria said...

Here's to hoping! And if Santa runs out of coal, I humbly suggest cow banjos as back up ;)