Saturday, December 20, 2008

My oranges r green & blue...

i made this video for a poem i wrote called "china tea set".
this was my first video i ever made for a poem.
there are a few things i would change/add to the video, to inspire the feelings i was trying to inspire with this poem. i may at some point, re-make this video, which is quite rare for me to say, since all of my poetry are written in one fell-swoop, so to speak.
i would also say that about all of my artistic writings.
No editing. No going back and fixing a line..a word. It’s almost a ritual.
i record on paper, words-visions-dreams, verses, they come out, is how they stay.
Pure lustful boldness; one could say.

Now, on with the show...

~ ~
You walk through me now-
fluid living.
Drag your footsteps longer...
while you
-no one is watching.
Move deeper now,
since we’re all coffee filtered-
-whores in seesaw colored thongs,
wishing for flatulent industries,
to protect us from succumbing to
the violent storm.
{by: aymi}


Rose said...

Most enjoyable bit o' verse!!

nefaeria said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Rose. Thank you for your comment :)