Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some Holiday Stuff

We're not so much a household that celebrates Christmas in the 'traditional' sense, but being in North America, we both did grow up with the idea of the 'winter holidays'. It's a time for family and friends, generosity, eating yum-yums, and for me, a little bit of decorating (definitely more myself than the better half). And we do celebrate Yule (or Winter Solstice).

I really can't be bothered to spend a tonne of money and time decorating the whole house, but I do pay special attention to our altar (handmade and natural is always best in this department anyways). Over time I have accumulated different ornies made by others and myself, vintage finds and hand-me-downs, and I have made a few this year.

We do have a tree, but it is not typical (at least not for the North!). We deck our banana tree, which doesn't seem to mind too much. Lol.

Here are a few ornies I made this year:

I found the design for the sheep at The Krazy Kraft Lady's Blog. Mine is obviously a tad bit different lacking the little heart and tag, and is made of an old stained towel, wool socks, a vintage button, a safety pin and rusty bell, and some hemp twine.

The birdies were made from left over fabric and ribbon, and some buttons and safety pins that were laying around.

I also made some dried apple ornaments, and there is a pretty good how-to over at Hometraditions.

A few other shots

Cute little owl from Hibou Boutique

A wreath put together a couple of years ago. A local woman made the wreath out of grape vines, and I added the bells, ribbon and bottle cap.

A pretty little ornie made by my Grandma some years back with dried flowers from her garden.

A hand-me-down from Grandma. I am assuming it's pretty old school.

Little vintage birdies waiting for a pillar candle.

Winter scene painted on slate by Canadian artist Mark S Tolangen




Anonymous said...

These are great, Laurel! I especially love your own sheep and birds! I was so excited to find a handmade goat for me and alpaca for an alpaca-owning friend at Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, PA on Sunday. The goat reminded me of Tasha Tudor's handmade ornaments. Nothing beats handmade animals!

Jack said...

Hell there!
I love the bird ornies you made! Such a cute idea!
I just sent you an email about a homesteading, emergency preparedness, and survival forum that I am a member of, www.PreparedSociety.com.

I was thinking maybe you could sign up and share your frugal ornament ideas with my friends over at the forum!


nefaeria said...

OFB: Thanks :) The goat and alpaca (that's a first!) ornies sound luverly! It would be great if you post some pics over at Poor Richard's ;)

JacL Thank you for the compliment and for the invite :) I have gone over to PreparedSociety and joined. What a great forum, certainly up my alley!